Volunteering with ER Events


Roller Coaster Workshop

ER Events work mainly with students in secondary schools between the age of 11-16 in Lewisham and surrounding boroughs. The employability activities they organise rely on one main factor and that is the support of Business Volunteers. ER Events recruit a range of professionals from all different backgrounds and organisations to get involved with their events and workshops helping them to bring the world of work to the classroom.

With a growing work load ER Events are keen to build upon their network of Business Volunteers and are always looking for professionals who are willing to spare a few hours a year to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with students.


Events that require the support of business volunteers:


  • Mock Interviews – Time commitment: 2 hours


  • Careers Speed Networking – Time commitment: 1hr 40mins – 3 hours


  • Post 16 Opportunities Conference – half day


  • Stixx Shelter Building – 1hr 40mins to full day


What volunteers say about ER Events


“Thanks for the opportunity, it was great fun talking to the students."

C. Hemmings, Santander, July 2017

"I just want to say Thank You for what you are doing for the Young People of Lewisham. Sometimes it may seem like a thankless task and that no one sees the hard work that you both do in order to put on such a mammoth event. I personally want to say “Round of Applause” to you both for the military way you executed the day so that it ran smoothly and the objective of the day was achieved.”

Yvette Odifin, LBL 2015


“You guys did a fantastic job of making the event very enjoyable and smoothly ran! The water and chocolate was essential to keep the vocal cords going!”

Christopher Bishop, Barts Health NHS Trust 2015


"Thank you for sending me a picture of the happy students, it was a most enjoyable day and would be happy to help out when ever the opportunity arises in future."

Sheila Small, Lewisham 2016


"Just before I left the YOS to come to Bonus Pastor for the event, someone said to me that I get to do all the good things! I totally agree. I had a great time and really enjoyed the conversations with my young people. In actual fact, I could have hired about three."

Ruth Osbourne,L ewisham YOS 2016


"It was a fun day to take part in and I wish that I could have had the opportunity to do something similar when I was at school/college."