STIXX Teambuilding Challenge

The ability to work in a team is one of the most important employability skills we need to harness.  In this workshop, students are asked to solve a practical problem and the best results come from the teams who work together effectively.


Students use newspaper to make paper rolls which are then turned into rods through the use of a STIXX Machine. A STIXX Machine is a simple machine, similar to a mangle, that can be used to demonstrate the manufacturing process and produce very strong tubes made from newspaper. Working in teams students are tasked to use the 2ft rods along with recycled cable ties to construct a shelter that a whole team can fit inside.


Aims & Objectives:

To demonstrate the importance of teamwork, offering and sharing ideas and listening to others to complete a task. This exercise should highlight that each person in the team has a key role in the success of the challenge. This task also uses the following Key Skills:


  • · Team working: respecting others; co-operating; negotiating/persuading; contributing to discussions, and awareness of interdependence with others.

  • · Problem solving: applying maths, science and DT to a practical problem.

  • · Enterprising: innovation, creativity, a ‘can do’ attitude and the drive to make ideas happen

Key Information


  • Years: 5 - 6

  • Numbers: Up to 60 per session

  • Time: 1 hour 3 mins, up to 3 sessions per day

  • Rooming: Hall or large activity room