ER Events would like to thank you for volunteering. We know that volunteering takes time out of your busy working life and we appreciate the commitment you are giving to our young people.


Volunteering within a school is an enjoyable and rewarding activity.  We want you to enjoy your time with us in school.


It is extremely rare that irregular incidents between a volunteer and student take place.   However, please read the following guidelines before you commence your volunteering activity and take note of any safeguarding information the school might provide whilst you are on site.


If you hold a DBS document, it is useful to bring a copy with you.


Volunteer practice within schools


It is ER Events policy that a volunteer recruited by ER Events must not, on any occasion, be left in a classroom / school room / library / sports hall or any other room occupied by students, on their own.  A member of school staff must always be present in the room when a volunteer is present.


If the teacher leaves the classroom whilst you are with the class, please remind them that you are not permitted to be left on your own without a teacher being present (except if you hold a DBS certificate and you have it with you on site).


If the teacher leaves the room please notify Ellie (07985 445 954)  or Rachel (07507 862 777) and we will inform school staff and support you during the staff absence.


Volunteer Do’s and Don’ts – on the school site


  • Every volunteer must sign in to school using the school’s registration system at the reception desk

  • Every volunteer must wear the identity badge issued by the school at all times whilst on school premises and return it to reception when leaving the building

  • ER Events will provide the school, in advance, with a list of volunteer names and the organisations they work for

  • Where requested, volunteers must not move independently around school premises without being accompanied by ER Events staff or school staff

  • A volunteer must not provide their email address, telephone number or any other personal contact details to a student within school at any point

  • At no point must a volunteer use a camera or recording device to film or record students

  • If a volunteer offers to assist a student in a professional capacity any exchange of contact information must be notified to ER Events and school staff for authorisation

  • A volunteer must not obtain the personal contact details of any student

  • A volunteer must inform ER Events staff or school staff of any information a student might provide them with if the volunteer feels that the safety or wellbeing of a child is being compromised, in line with ER Events Safeguarding Policy

  • A volunteer must inform ER Events staff or school staff if they feel a student has behaved inappropriately to them, be it verbally or through inappropriate physical contact


Please be aware that if ER Events or the school we are working in feels that your interaction with a student has been inappropriate we will politely ask you to cease your volunteering within the school.  We hope that you understand that the safety and wellbeing of the students is paramount and that sometimes even well-founded interaction can be interpreted in a different way by a young person.



Following these guidelines ensures your safety and that of the students.


Thank you for your understanding and your commitment to following these guidelines.







Safeguarding information for volunteers