Rollercoaster Workshop

A double period activity for a whole year group in Key Stage 3. Groups of students (maximum six) form an ‘engineering company’ and have to submit a design for a new ‘White Knuckle’ ride. The group has to design and construct a model of a roller coaster track from materials supplied by ER Events.


Each team with their own company name  have to produce a logo, advertising material and ticket pricing. To win the challenge, the successful team will have designed and built a track which a marble can travel down without falling off.


Aims & objectives:

To recognise, develop and apply their skills for enterprise and employability whilst engaging in an activity set within a work context. The activity also develops the following:


  • · Enterprise skills

  • · Use of organisational and communication skills

  • · Working as part of a team

  • · Use of design and creativity skills

  • · Working to a deadline


What the students say:

"It was really fun and it made us work as a team and be organised” Bonus Pastor  C.C.

Key Information


  • Years: 6, 7 or 8

  • Numbers: 1 tutor group per session (max 50)

  • Time: Double lesson, up to 3 sessions per day

  • Rooming: Hall or large activity room