Post 16 Opportunities Conference - A Guide for Volunteers

Post 16 Opportunities Conference demonstrate what options are available to the students when they transfer to post 16 education.  We highlight the variety of options that they can puruse through talks and practical work related workshops. 

Key Information


  • Role: Running workshops with tutor groups

  • Time commitment: 1 morning

  • Preparation: PowerPoint presentation or workshop

  • Age group of students: Secondary: 15 - 16

  • Number of students:  Tutor group - 20-30 students

  • Briefing: On the day, telephone call or at your workplace


Volunteering Benefits


  • Have a postive role on helping students make future deicisions about their options when they leave school

  • Helps to enlighten students on different careers

  • Can take part in interactive workshops

  • Can fit volunteering into morning or afternoon