Post 16 Opportunities Conference

This event is designed to offer students in Year 11 an insight into the variety of options available to them post 16. ER Events will invite a range of organisations into your school to conduct a carousel of activities and workshops covering topics such as; Why Go to Uni? Apprenticeships; A Career in Law; How to Finance University; A Career in Accountancy; Behaviour in the Workplace, and How to Gain Employment.


This event could also include our Cover Letter &/or How to Write a Successful CV workshop. This will help them to make choices about further education and work prospects. This event is ideal for a whole year group.


Aims & Objectives:

To offer students information and learn about the range of careers and further education options available to them and to gain confidence when speaking to adults. Also to enable students to:


  • ·  Recognise, develop and apply their skills for enterprise and  employability

  • ·  Learn from contact with people who work

  • ·  Start effective planning for the future

​What the students say:

“I really enjoyed meeting all the different companies and l liked the day being so interactive.”   Prendergast Ladywell School

Key Information


  • Years: 11

  • Numbers: Small groups to whole year group

  • Time frame: 4 periods to whole day

  • Rooming: Classrooms to match student cohort