IAG Careers Guidance Interviews


ER Events can provide your school with an experienced and fully qualified careers practitioner with an NVQ4/6 in Advice and Guidance,*


Ellie from the ER Events team is a qualified adviser plus we have an additional four advisers who work with us.  All our advisers have a full DBS and can lead individual or group interviews, or a combination of both, subject to the requirements of your year group.


We work together to offer you a personal service to suit your school, liaising closely with you to assure a comprehensive and quality provision.


The exact set up for interviews, time frame and the number of days per week will be arranged with each individual school based on their exact requirements.


One to one guidance interviews:
The Careers Adviser will conduct 30 minute one-to-one interviews with each student.
Time to include: discussion and writing up an ‘Action Plan’.

Action Plan to include:

Students personal details, what was discussed during the interview, targets for the future and additional careers information as required.

A copy of each Action Plan will be provided to the school at the culmination of each working week to be photocopied and distributed to the students.


  • The Careers Advisor will be available to attend an introductory assembly if required.

  • The Careers Advisor will be available to attend the parents evening if required.


​School to provide:

  • Room with access to a computer/WiFi to conduct interviews in

  • Access to a printer to print student Action Plans and any careers information sheets required by the student

  • A profile of each student including predicted grades where possible.

  • Student allocation to the timetable when drawn up by ER Events.

  • A copy of the SEN register where applicable.



Our fee’s for this service are very competitive. Please call for a quote.


* Lewisham Schools - If you would like Ellie to conduct your IAG interviews please contact Lewisham Education Business Partnership to arrange her visit to your school.

Ellie Brignell is a member of the CDI

"High quality, independent careers guidance is crucial in helping pupils emerge

from school more fully rounded and ready for the world of work."       

Department of Education, April 2017