Employer Testimonial

Richard McCaughin - Vice President, Barclays Bank Plc


“I, along with colleagues have volunteered and attended a large number of Employability Skills School events across South East London organised by ER Events.

These events are extremely professionally run and this enables the students to receive the absolute maximum benefit from the short time that they spend with the outside professionals that visit them.

ER Events personnel make it easy for events to succeed and the feedback received from the School and the professional participants is always very positive.

Initially, it isn't easy to stand up in front of a class full of pupils and deliver an Employability Skills presentation but due to the strong support provided by ER Events, this process is made significantly easier.

The number of repeat volunteers we receive is testament to the success of the process

Keep up the good work!!"

Richard McCaughin - Barclays Bank Plc, Vice President - Volunteer