Cover Letter Workshop

A task driven workshop offering students the tools to write a winning covering letter for a job. This PowerPoint based activity explains the reasons for requiring a covering letter, discusses content, explains how to tailor the letter to suit the job, offering students examples and giving some valuable tips.

This workshop can stand alone, be combined with the CV Workshop or form part of a carousel of workshops during a key skills day. It can also be slotted into an Employability Day.

Aims & Objectives:

To develop the skills and knowledge required to write a successful covering letter. It also develops  the following skills:


  • Identifying and matching key job information to your own skills

  • To understand the cover letter is the “personal” element of your CV and the importance of the cover letter during the application process.

Key Information


  • Years: 9, 10 or 11

  • Numbers: 1 tutor group per session

  • Time: 1 - 2 periods

  • Rooming: Classroom / computer room