Careers Round Table

An interactive activity designed for a year group of students providing them with the opportunity to learn about a range of careers and gain confidence when speaking to employers. Students meet with a selection of professionals from a wide range of careers to talk about their current job, qualifications, skills and experiences. In some cases, the students may take part in a short work related activity led by the employer to learn about their role in a practical way, or be shown props such as equipment, uniforms, photographs and other items related to their employment. The students then rotate to the next employer until they have seen them all.



This event works well for Year 9 to assist with the options process or for Year 10 and 11 for post 16 choices such as college or sixth form.



Aims & Objectives:

To learn about the range of careers available to them in an intimate focussed setting and to gain confidence when speaking to adults. Also to enable students to:



  • ·  Recognise, develop and apply their skills for enterprise and  employability

  • ·  Learn from contact with people who work

  • ·  Use equipment and undertake tasks and activities set in work contexts

  • ·  Start effective planning for the future


Key Information


  • Years: 5 - 6

  • Numbers: 1 class per session

  • Time frame:  1 hour

  • Rooming: Hall or large room


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