GCSE Careers Pathway Event  

An afternoon/evening event extended to parents & carers

The GCSE Careers Pathway event is aimed to encourage parents/carers to take an enhanced role in the GCSE selection process by providing a range of post 16/18 providers in school for parents/carers and students to chat to and find out more information about future prospects, thereby understanding how the GCSE selection choices could influence their child's future opportunities.


The Careers Pathway event takes place immediately before the GCSE selection evening.  With two events being held on the same evening, parent attendance is significantly higher thereby increasing the parent/carer understanding and involvement in this important process.


We recommend holding a Careers Speed Networking event on the same day - having the three events at the same time provides the students with a comprehensive overview of options from the selection process to where those choices take you in the long term.


The range of post 16/18 stakeholders represented include local colleges, apprenticeship training providers, universities and where appropriate, Sixth Form provision.


Suggested time frame:

  • Afternoon double period: Careers Speed Neworking

  • 4.30 - 5.30pm: Careers Pathway Event

  • 5.30 - 7.30pm: GCSE Selection Evening



Aims & Objectives:


  • To provide students with information about a range of careers options through a Careers Speed Networking session

  • To enable students with their parents/carers to discuss their post 16/18 opportunities with a range of stakeholders

  • To enable students, parents/carers to make a more informed selection process when decideing which GCSE's to select

  • To encourage parents to attend the GCSE selection evening by providing extra encouragment in the form of post 16/18 stakeholders







Key Information


  • Years: 8 or 9, depending on selection year

  • Numbers: Year group plus parents/carers

  • Time frame:  Double lesson plus after hours

  • Rooming: Hall / activity room