"Here at ER Events we aim to provide you with the best possible experience you can have from an external provider.


We love working with your students and seeing the smiles on the faces of the young people who have been encouraged, energised and developed a new confidence through their interaction with employers.


Do call us so we can help put the ‘work confident’ smile on your students too!”


Ellie & Rachel



Rachel Braithwaite & Ellie Brignell set up ER Events in August 2011. They both previously worked for Lewisham Education Business Partnership, a department of  Lewisham Council for over four years delivering work related learning and enterprise events in secondary schools. Due to funding cuts in March 2011 their team was made redundant. With events already arranged in schools for the following academic year the pair offered to continue their services on a self employed basis within the schools and the schools eagerly accepted.


ER Events have continued to grow and offer an increased range of careers and employability events.  They specialise in indentifying the careers and enterprise needs of your school and then create a bespoke plan to  ensure your students requirments are met.


ER Events hold current DBS and are First Aid trained.


Meet the team

Before joining ER Events, Ellie worked as an Account Director for a city advertising agency.  Three children later and with a keen interest in providing all children with the range of skills required  to be "job ready", Ellie is passionate to continue her work.  "Growing up in Wales, I had not idea of the wealth of job opportunities that were available to me and I feel I missed out.  I want to show current students that there is no limit to what they can achieve and the events we run enable them to understand the job market and gain relevant work skills to actually get that job!"


Ellie recently gained the OCR Level 4 NVQ Advice and Guidance qualification enabling her to conduct careers guidance interviews.  She is a member of the Career Development Institute.


Joint MD

Ellie Brignell

Rachel Braithwaite

With a background in performing arts and a love of foreign travel, Rachel brings a wealth of experience to ER Events. She fundamentally believes that contact with employers coming into the school enviromment increases the enthusiam of a student to succeed and is keen for schools to have as much contact with professionals as possible.   Rachel also understands how drama and role play helps the confidence of young people which is why a number of events involve an interactive element.  "Taking part in drama at school helped overcome my shyness and I am keen that students have as many chances to role play as possible."

Joint MD