10 Good Reasons to Volunteer with ER Events

Helping your community

1. Many of the young people in our schools do not have families who can help them develop their work place skills.  By coming into school, it provides those students with the vital contact with external professional that they might not get anywhere else.

2. You might not realise it, but by talking to the students you can become a positive role model and a real reason for the student to re-evaluate their school aspirations.

 Role Model
Team Building

3. Working together on a worthwhile project or event helps to forge a positive team spirt within your work place which promotes workplace functioality when you return to the office.


4. Some people can find working in a school environment daunting - after all, you might not have been in a school for a number of years.  Taking part in an activity in a new environment can help confidence skills by taking your out of your comfort zone for a few hours.  We can assure you it will be worth it!

5. Learning how to interview is a skill - sometimes our staff do not have many opportunites to practice this important skill.  Taking part in a Mock Interview session will help your staff sharpen their interview skills whilst doing some really important work with local young people.


6. We invite all different orgnisations to our events and it is benefical to meet people who work in different occupations -as well as making new working relationships with colleagues who might work within your organisation.


7. Working with young people helps you to think about your communication skills and how to communicate with other prople thereby improving your daily work presentational  skills.

8. Undertaking charity work in an area connected to your work can help to reinforce and expand your professional knowledge and can aid your everyday work.  It can also help you hone practical skills such as interviewing and presenting.

knowledge &
It's good for
your health!

9. Lots of studies have shown that volunteering increases your personal wellbeing - and happy staff help to make a contented workforce. Company volunteers report feelings of improved wellbeing and self-esteem.

 It's FUN!

10. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, VOLUNTEERING IS FUN!

Yes, you will have to do some work - but doing something that helps young people and where you see the immediate rewards of your input - is really rewarding.  That is why our volunteers come and work with us over and over again.  If you're not sure, give it a try.  We would love to hear from you.